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The TrueSport Trio - Kara Winger, Chris Mazdzer, and Dr. Amanda Stanec

Episode Summary

Bucket list item - talk to Olympians ✅ Join us as we sat down with not one but TWO Olympians AND a self-proclaimed "sports nerd" as they share their youth sports journeys, how mental health and wellbeing have become their life's passion, and of course, a brief chat about Cool Runnings.

Episode Notes

When we say we have some amazing guests on this episode, we mean we have some AMAZING guests on the episode this week. Tune in to hear directly from the TrueSport Trio, Kara Winger, Chris Mazdzer, and Dr. Amanda Stanec for the first part of our conversation.

We know you will enjoy hearing about their youth sports journeys, an inside look at what it takes to become an Olympian, and what it was like in the moments that they made it to the top of their sports.

While Dr. Amanda Stanec leads a conversation on the importance of having coaches and people around you supporting your mental well-being and growth as a person, not just an athlete.

Queue the Olympic opening ceremony music, get your headphones on, and press that play button!

(5:44) - Kara Winger shares her youth sports experience and how it led her to win Silver at the National Championships in Eugene, Oregon.
(11:33) - Do great athletes automatically become great coaches?
(13:01) - Cool Runnings to Olympic Silver Medal - hear all about Chris Mazdar's journey in Luge
(17:13) - The secret to the Olympians' success? Playing all the sports while growing up
(21:18) - Dr. Amanda wins a speech contest, gets to hold the Olympic flame and her nerdy sports journey begins!
(22:59) - Amanda goes in-depth on how coaches and parents can encourage positive mental health in youth athletes
(30:50) The importance of having a support system, having fun, and struggles will come
(31:56) - Learn more about theTrueSport Symposium in November

So thank you, dear listener, for pressing play.


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