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The Maestro of Mindset: Alex Wulbecker-Smith

Episode Summary

Welcome back dear listener. The Maestro of Mindset, Alex Wulbecker-Smith of Premier Sports Psychology sits down with Simon and Marie to talk about her role as an athletic counselor helping youth athletes and performers build and maintain strong mental well-being on and off the field.

Episode Notes

Sports are a mental battlefield in the same way they are a physical one. The Maestro of Mindset, Alex Wulbecker-Smith, joins the podcast this week to talk about her experience playing sports and how her experience has helped her in her career as an Athletic Counselor working with youth athletes and performers at Premier Sports Psychology

Alex helps us get our heads in the game. She talks about the challenges facing youth athletes and the importance of balance. She highlights tips and tricks for young athletes and expresses her goals for the future of wellbeing in youth sports and increased training for clubs and coaches. Alex highlights her work to provide not only athletes with insights, but also parents, coaches and club administrators. Then, stay locked in for a brand new game at the end of the episode.

So thank you, dear listener, for pressing play.

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