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The Ignitor of Inspiration: Marti Reed

Episode Summary

Welcome back dear listener, give your ears a treat and listen to Marti as she talks about her journey in youth sports all the way to winning a Division 1 National Championship at UCLA and her continuous involvement in youth sports through her work with Positive Coaching Alliance.

Episode Notes

Nobody knows the impact of a great coach like an athlete. This week we are joined by a highly accomplished athlete and the Ignitor of Inspiration, Marti Reed. Marti grew up playing a myriad of sports all year long, but where she really excelled was softball. Marti played Division 1 softball at the University of California Los Angeles where she won a national championship in 2010. She has remained involved in the sports world through her work at Positive Coaching Alliance, an organization focused on implementing positive and responsible coaching training and recruitment to benefit young athletes.

We dive headfirst into Marti’s impressive resume as both an athlete and the Director of National Partnerships & DEI Programming Manager at Positive Coaching Alliance. We talk about Marti’s youth sports journey, the challenges of winning at the highest level, and how much a coach can impact athletes. 

So thank you, dear listener, for pressing play.

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